Call of Duty² - Download 1.0

In Call of Duty® 2, all the intensity and turmoil of war is shown from the perspective of ordinary soldiers fighting together in the battles of World War II.

Thanks to the ingenious graphics of the new COD™2 engine, the battles in the sequel to the 2003 version of 'Call of Duty', winner of over 80 'Game of the Year' category awards, are portrayed more tremendously, intensely and realistically than ever before.

The number one World War II-themed shooter developer returns with a rousing new gaming experience: developed by Infinity Ward, creators of the hit Call of Duty. Thanks to the revolutionary COD2 engine, innovative AI and selectable game mechanics, you'll experience unprecedented innovations from lifelike graphics to stunningly realistic gameplay. The convincing depiction of snow, rain, fog and smoke combined with dynamic light and shadow effects make this game the most impressive shooter yet set against the backdrop of World War II.

New Conflicts and Enemies: Call of Duty 2 is all about more massive battles, more tanks, larger combat units, and on-screen explosions; in short, combat on an even larger scale in various European theaters of war. Fight the 'Desert Fox' in the scorching heat of North Africa as one enemy tank after another hits your tanks. Use rocket-propelled throwing anchors to scale the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc with your squad of Army Rangers and repel the relentless German counterattack. Fight your way through cities engulfed in chaos as a tank destroyer in war-torn Russia.

Your team can be absolutely relied upon: dozens of Allied soldiers monitor the ever-changing situation and keep you informed of everything important using an all-new contextual battle radio system. They draw enemy fire, watch your back, use foxholes and moving tanks for cover, and warn you of approaching enemy troops and enemy fire.

Selectable gameplay: play through the missions in any order. Do you want to take on the role of a sniper first or a tank commander? The decision is yours. Battles with no set outcome allow you to customize your tactics and determine the order of the missions you tackle.

Breathtaking multiplayer action: fight in unforgettable online battles between Axis and Allied forces, and get sucked into this action-packed team-player game based on Call of Duty's successful multiplayer modes.

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