enjoying banning players

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  • I was unjustly banned from the server. it's really hard to understand why. one person makes an unjustified claim. it's completely arbitrary to do such a thing when there is no evidence. you have now sullied my name and I will not be able to enter any server with this name because of you. look, I am a mid-ranking player. i mean, I am neither very professional nor very bad. for example, when a smoke grenade is thrown, I always shoot into the fog. not very often, but occasionally I can hit. the dead player immediately starts blaming. and you take it into account. can something so ridiculous happen. everyone shoots through the fog. why don't you enable pb on your server for a clean game. enabling pb protects us players. not enabling pb protects you. you are not fair. you kicked me off the server without any evidence. the reason I am writing here is because I want to seek my rights. I've been playing this game for years. Do you know x-fire. I played this game on x-fire for years. you humiliated me against people. ;( ;(

  • you want to believe in the demo you present as evidence. you are really unbelievable and you slander the immaculate game. i play with my friend by talking on discord and of course we help each other. let all the players watch the demo here and decide with their conscience. you are a great shame. that's all i have to say. i do not accept your slander. the demo you showed me is really a joke.

  • Listen to a fool's defense speech...You made a misstake the round before I started to record you.

    You followed me back and forth from MG on Burgundy, only problem, I was behind a wall...once I stoped moving, you stoped as well. But I guess your "friends" told you? xD

  • I was on the American side in the first half of the game and there was no problem. was it a problem when I was German? I use mg well. I know very well where to look. when you play a game with such a crowded group, you have to move very quickly with mg. for example, I shoot first. no one looks at mg out of fear. while shooting, I look around to see what's where. I can be shot at that moment, of course. but when I see movement, of course I will stop and turn my direction elsewhere. your claim is ridiculous. your current accusation is about mg, but the demo you uploaded is completely different. you are completely contradicting. my friend's nickname is f7 and he connects from turkey. he is out right now, so I can't give an ip number. he said he would send it when he got home.

    I will only ask you this. have you never seen a real cheater. if I really knew how to cheat, I would never write to you. you are still making unfounded claims.

    and you insult me by calling me stupid. there is no person you don't know right now like in the game. you can't attack my personality.

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  • I'm not talking about today's game anyway. We are constantly playing with f7. sometimes he joinsthe game with the name of "kartal sever". I didn't say there is no one I'm talking to today. We have a discord group. Everyone can join there with any name and if we are on the same team, we talk all the time. keep doing what you believe in. I am a thirty-five year old person and I have never lied in my life. I'm just defending my right here. Many people who were shot would accuse him of cheating and ban him if he had the power. I can't find anything else to say to you. Nobody's server has lived forever. Surely yours will close one day too. I hope this incident happens to you one day.

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