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    But how are people supposed to know? I just want to play, I dont want mods. Servers don't say anything about how they'll mod your game.

    Well, you won't find any well-attended servers without a mod anymore. Simply because current scripts and mods simply enhance and strongly improve the game. In addition, you can see very well that you have downloaded mods. Because if you go to a server like ours, a mod is downloaded at the beginning when you connect to the server, at the latest then you should be aware that something is different.

    Hello, no one is changing your settings here. It is not possible for us to change your settings. When you connect to a server, you download the mod that runs on the server. This mod is necessary to play on that server. Without these mods, there will be no chance for you to play normally on the server.

    If you don't want all this, you will have to find a server that doesn't bring a new menu through its mod. But you don't have to reinstall the game every time, you just have to delete the corresponding mod files from your Call of Duty 2 root directory.

    We and no one else will change anything about it just because of you, it's not an intervention in your game, just a mod. Either accept it or find other servers.


    The investigations have shown that this is an error. The wrong button was simply pressed. An admin wanted to push you into viewer mode and didn't realize that he pressed the wrong button.

    You will be granted access to the server again, in a few minutes you should be able to connect to the server again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, have fun on the servers.

    Call of Duty 2 - Colored nicknames
    [Use ^ key from keyboard + number <0-9>]

    ^1 = 🔴

    ^2 = 🟢

    ^3 = 🟡

    ^4 = 🔵

    ^5 = 🔵

    ^6 = 🟣

    ^7 = ⚪

    ^9 = ⚫

    ^0 = ⚫

    ^8 = "Teamcolor"

    [Changes to color when switching teams]

    • Note #1: If you use 2x ^ symbol and 2x colorcode number, your nickname will be shown with full colors, instead of the Axis/Allies color, in the bottom left corner of screen when killing enemy.
    • Note #2: You can also use these colorcodes during in-game chat.

    Call of Duty 2 - Performance - Commands

    [ Use ~ key from keyboard to open small console]

    Getting extra FPS-speed and smoothness for less strong PC's with lower graphic level

    • /bind <random key on keyboard> "toggle r_polygonoffsetbias 16 -1; toggle r_polygonoffsetscale 3-1"

    [Toggle means back and forth 🔄, so you can enable/disable by pressing the again the same key. This toggle function is possible with any console command setting]

    Rate you send data, measured in bytes per second

    • /rate 25000

    Amount of times the server updates itself, similar to "ticks"

    • /snaps 30

    Improves hit-detection and the speed/fluency of the game

    • /sv_fps 30

    Disable duplicate packets sent out to combat packet loss

    • /cl_packetdup 0

    Max FPS allowed client-side, which affects in-game physics

    • /com_maxfps 250

    Maximum CMD packets sent to the server per second

    • /cl_maxpackets 100

    Sets the allowed memory for the graphics of the game

    • /com_hunkmegs 512

    Improved players ping

    • /mss_khz 44

    Increased level of brightness

    • /r_gamma 1.88889

    Call of Duty 2 - In-Game consol - Commands

    Manually connecting to a server.

    • /connect <server IP>

    Manually disconnecting to a server.

    • /disconnect

    Manually reconnecting to a server.

    • /reconnect

    Creating automating in-game text bind.

    • /bind <random key on keyboard> say <text>

    Creating automating in-game username change.

    • /bind <random key on keyboard> name <username>

    Limit or increasing maximum FPS.

    • /com_maxfps <number>

    Enable FPS counting while playing on right top corner of screen.

    • /cg_drawfps 1

    Disable FPS counting while playing on right top corner of screen.

    • /cg_drawfps 0

    Enable server lagging meter on right bottom corner of screen.

    • /cg_drawlagometer 1

    Disable server lagging meter on right bottom corner of screen.

    • /cg_drawlagometer 0

    Looking for servers without Lag Compensation from players with different pings.

    • /g_antilag 0

    Seeing information from online players (Username, Scores, IP-address, Ping, Rate).

    • /rcon status

    [This is ONLY for admins with logged-in rcon access and using large console Shift + ~]

    How to install CoD2?


    Call of Duty² download:

    What is the root folder for CoD2?

    • Default path is: -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 2\
    • For Steam is: -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Activision\Call of Duty 2\

    Where to find CoD2 patches?

    Note: For patches 1.2 and 1.3!: Make sure you have "iw_15.iwd" placed to ...\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main\

    How to fix blackscreen on Multiplayer start?

    • Find "CoD2MP_s.exe" in the CoD2 root folder.
    • Right Click and go to Properties ~ Compatibility.
    • Set Compatibility Mode as "Windows XP Service Pack 3" and set "Run as administator".

    Note: If it won't help try the topic "How to fix error on Multiplayer start?"

    How to fix error on Multiplayer start?

    How to fix error on Singleplayer start?

    How to fix the Punkbuster error?

    If you are playing on Steam

    Are there any servers to join?

    How to join a server with IP?

    • Run CoD2 and open the console (Tilde button below Esc).
    • Copy and paste the IP:Port into /connect command (e.g. /connect
    • If the console is not working, go to Options -> Game Options -> Switch "Enable console" to Yes.

    Where is the config located?

    • Default path is: -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main\players<your_profile_name>\config_mp.cfg
    • For Steam is: -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main\players<your_profile_name>\config_mp.cfg

    Note: Please note that the location is subject to change. Servers that use a mod folder use a different location.

    How to change FPS?

    • First type /cg_drawFPS 1 to show FPS then type /com_maxfps 250. - Most common values for FPS: 125, 250, 333.
    • If your FPS is stuck at some number then go to Options -> Graphics -> Switch "Sync Every Frame" to No.

    You have problems with the game Call of Duty², which you have obtained via Steam? Then we have a guide for you here, so that the game starts normally, even without this said black screen.

    Follow the instructions step by step.

    1. Start the Call of Duty 2 single player mode and create a new profile.
    2. Quit the game and return to the desktop.
    3. Open your Steam folder "C:\Steam\".
    4. Now copy the file "Steam.dll" and "Steam2.dll".
    5. Open the game directory where you installed Call of Duty² "C:\Steam\steamapps\cmmon\Call of Duty²\".
    6. Paste here the .dll files you copied before.
    7. Right-click on CoD2MP_s.exe, select Properties, select the Compatibility tab and select "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP Service Pack 3"
    8. In the lower right corner of the screen, right-click the "Volume Mixer/Speaker Icon" and select "Recording Devices". Make sure your "default device", usually the "microphone", is ENABLED and also physically connected; if you don't have a microphone, your speakers will suffice.

    You may also need to copy AppOverlay.dll and AppOverlay64.dll if you want to use the Steam overlay.


    1. Start COD2 Single Player at least once and create a profile.
    2. Windows XP SP 3 compatibility mode for CoD2MP_s.exe
    3. Copy Steam.dll and Steam2.dll into COD2 folder
    4. Microphone activated and plugged in. (default recording device)

    If you want to change the resolution to 1920x1080 you have to do it in the configuration file.

    D:\Steamapps\common\Call of Duty 2\main\players\Hariizy\Config_MP.cfg

    seta r_mode "1920x1080"

    The release of our new mod version for the Akuma SD server is postponed. As some have already read under "", the work was resumed to implement more features. The upcoming rank and stat system will be further upgraded.

    What exactly awaits you, we explain here:

    You have all already seen how the new rank and stat system looks like, now we expand it with a top list. This means that a toplist can be viewed in-game and outside of the game. Every player who registers on the server will be ranked in the toplist. On place one is the person who has the best K/D ratio and in what time he has made it. But this is not all, each player can be clicked, there you will see all the information you need. As you can see on the screenshots, not only the kills and deaths are recorded, but also much more data. Here we offer you a list of all the data that will be recorded for each individual player.

    Here is all the information:

    1. Current rank:
    2. XP/Need-XP:

    3. Total Kills:
    4. Total Deaths:
    5. K/D Ratio:
    6. Total-Headshots:
    7. Total-Nades:
    8. Total-Bashes:
    9. Current Killstreak:
    10. Longest Killstreak:

    11. Total-Plants:
    12. Total-Defuse:

    Weapons Information:

    An overview with which weapon you have made how many kills and bashes. In addition, it is recorded how often you have played which weapon.

    Maps Information:

    Similar to the Weapon Information, this records which card you played, how often you played it, and how often you won or lost that card, even the draws are counted.

    More information:

    That's not all, you can also see which body parts you hit and how. It will be shown what percentage of your kills go to the body, head, feet, arms or legs. Thus you have a huge selection of information.

    All this information is then available for each individual player. The server will not be burdened by a self-made database, because the data will be processed externally.

    To make sure that this works quite well, we have of course reworked our current login system. Once you have registered and then logged in (once), the server will always log you in automatically when you join the server, so that no permanent (re)logging in is necessary anymore. So it is clear, a big project is already in work, but will take some time. When exactly it will be ready is not yet clear. However, according to the plan, a first test phase is planned for the beginning - middle of December. In how far we can then keep the whole thing, can not yet be predicted.

    As far as we have further information, we will of course inform you immediately. You will receive news and first screenshots as time goes by. So stay curious and support Team Akuma, so that we can continue to provide such a service and continue to do such a great job.

    In this sense, stay excited and look forward to what is coming.

    Hello, thank you now I was able to track the whole thing.

    I have all the necessary information regarding the ban, unfortunately none why it happened.

    Here is the information:

    Date of ban: 07/13/2022.

    Banned by: 'aKuma.Skate

    Reason: Unknown

    Ban Request: Not available

    We have a violation of our own rules here. There is no information regarding this, no Ban Request etc. For this reason the ban is not allowed.

    Access to the server is being granted again, in the next few minutes you should get access again.

    Perhaps Skate can please get back to me on this.

    Thank you and have fun on the servers!


    can you provide some more information? What kind of message is coming and what exactly is happening?

    How long has the problem existed? What was your last used name on the server? What is your IP?

    More information would be very helpful for us.

    Especially if in the near future I implemented the faster and better ingame Rcon tool, then everything goes out of the game, without additional programs on the desktop ;)

    Hello thank you for your contribution here in our forum.

    We from Team Akuma have already put good and visited servers in the past, but after a long time out, we are now back. Considering that the servers are online maybe a week, the success is already very good, but that does not mean anything. The path to build a large community is long and difficult, whether we succeed, is in the stars. But it's fun for us and that's what matters.

    Our efforts are always for the good of Akuma and its community. You want good servers? We offer them. We are committed to constantly and logically expand and optimize our servers, even if the game is quite old. The demand still seems to be there.

    Currently, our focus is on the SD server, if this runs well, our priority is also clearly directed towards the other servers, that these are then just as well visited.

    Also, we would like to thank you, it makes us very happy that they appreciate our servers. We look forward to spending time together on the server.

    Did you already know? Team Akuma offers a Discord Channel, about your membership we would be very happy. There you will always get all the news about Team Akuma and our servers.

    Best regards


    We would like to give you an insight into our server, more precisely into our server mods and scripts.

    On our servers run different scripts and mods, not all mods refer to all servers.

    Here is the overview:

    Duplicate Names Script:

    This script prevents cheaters from taking the names of other players on the server, making it difficult for admins to ban the right person. The player who takes someone else's name will be kicked from the server automatically and directly.


    Advanced server names:

    In all admin tools and in all game server lists you will always, before joining get an overview of certain information, directly in the server name. Thus, they can decide early whether they want to join the server, or not.


    Ingame Live Game Server Viewer:

    You have with us (ingame) the possibility without having to go out of the game, a live server view. From this view, they can by pressing a button, directly connect another server and connect to it.


    Custom main menu:

    Our customized main menu also shows them here a complete overview of all our game servers. Also here they can with a click on the desired server, directly connect to this server without having to leave the game.


    Wrong Player Script:

    You will always see two players connecting continuously to the server via the scoreboard and in the game server lists. This is to help our game servers rank better so they don't get lost in the game server lists. The fake players have real names, which means that our servers are not shown as (bot servers).


    Ingame Admin Tool:

    We provide our admin with a custom developed admin tool. Our admins can call ingame their own menu, in which they have their own Rcon tool. The admins can kick and ban cheaters directly from the game without delay, change the map or do other things. Since it goes out of the game, no external software is needed and most importantly, our admins can act faster than on any other servers, so that the gaming experience for our players is the best possible.


    In addition to our in-game Rcon or Admin tool, we now have a logfile system. The system automatically saves every action of every admin. It is so obvious who did what, at what time. Thus, the control and tracking is always given.


    Of course, a little bit of advertising for the work done may not be missing, between the rounds in the upper left corner a small ad is switched, which shows that this is a server of Akuma. This also helps to find out on which server the respective player is currently located. On servers, with this insertion they always receive the full service, which they can read here. Servers that do not offer this overlay are not Akuma servers and the great features, scripts and mods are unfortunately not available.


    Customized server messages:

    Through our server messages you will hold all the possible information you need. Information about the server rules, about the running scripts and other news will be shown to them here. Unlike all other servers, the messages are not sent in the upper left corner of the console, no with us they are displayed in the lower left, so they are not the whole screen with text messages zugespamt.


    The current mod version is: 3.12a