Welcome to Team Akuma


We offer you a wide range of Call of Duty² game servers.

Why Team Akuma?

We offer you technically one of the best servers, which through their scripts and mods help to give you the best gaming experience!

We offer:

  • Best DDOS protection
  • Integrated Game Firewall
  • Ip- Ban System
  • Guid- Ban System
  • Name change script
  • Live ingame server view
  • A master server overview
  • A variety of admins
  • Log file system
  • Server with best performance
  • Hosted in Frankfurt, DE
  • An own Discord Server
  • An own forum
  • Teamspeak 3 Server

And much more....

>>>>>Become a part of Team Akuma too<<<<<

Apply now and become part of this great community!

Here is an overview of all our servers:

Server #1: ´aKuma. SD PAM | www.team-akuma.de

Server #2: ´aKuma. TDM ALL WEPS | www.team-akuma.de

Server #3: ´aKuma. DM ALL WEPS | www.team-akuma.de

Server #4: ´aKuma. RIFLE PAM | www.team-akuma.de

Server #5: ´aKuma. CUSTOM MAPS | www.team-akuma.de

Server #6: ´aKuma. WAWA | www.team-akuma.de

Server #7: ´aKuma. CTF PAM | www.team-akuma.de

Server #8: ´aKuma. SD RIFLE | www.team-akuma.de

Server #9: ´aKuma. JUMP SERVER | www.team-akuma.de

Server #10: ´aKuma. BZMOD SERVER | www.team-akuma.de

Server #11: ´aKuma. MATCH SERVER | www.team-akuma.de

Apply today at www.team-akuma.de/recruiting

Learn more about the rules on our server...

  1. ANY kind of hacking (wh, aim, norecoil)
  2. Namestealing/Namechanging
  3. Grenade-Teamkill (change to spectator)
  4. Spamming / Advertising / Bind flood
  5. Blocking
  6. Macro (first evidence->warning)
  7. Clipping (ctrl->spacebar->ctrl)
  8. Bad language (if someone insulting other players or admins)
  9. Sexist or insulting nicks with bad words
  10. Disrespecting Admins, Members, Public Players.
  11. Warned to many times